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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Overheard in NY

When I started this blog, I promised I would have plenty to write about, especially the goings on in NYC. I haven't been very good at writing yet--I'm not in the habit--but I certainly have plenty to write about. I'll be out of town for the next few days and won't have a chance to write until next week, but for now here's something fun:

Every morning there are 2 free newspapers published here in NYC (actually, these papers are published in most major cities around the world, they just change the local news section). One is called Metro and the other AM New York. They are both put out by the same publisher and basically print the same stories (they just switch a few paragraphs around or maybe publish the full story in one paper and only a blip in the other.)

One of my favorite columns as of late has been "Overheard in NY". Which actually isn't really a column at all. They take quotes from the website They've even published a book of favorite quotes. If you haven't figured it out already, they basically have 'spies' (you too can be a spy if you want). All you have to do is tell them what you 'heard' while out and about in NYC. If you've ever wondered and/or worried about the state of our current society this site only fuels the fire.

Here's a sampling of a few of the current quotes:

Logistical genius: If the power goes out and we lose the air conditioning, we can always use the fans.


Mother to infant: I'm so glad you're getting a personality now! You used to just sit there and bore the f**k out of me. I wasn't sure if I was going to love you! You're not going to remember that, are you? [to friend] Is she?

--Water St & Hanover Sq

Cop, arresting a man: I understand that, but you know it's not really about being a good guy or being a bad guy. It's about you taking that nice woman's wallet.

--Rockefeller Center

20-something Intellectual: Facts are such a distraction from the essence of what's really happening.

-- Private Party, Brooklyn

Chick: How come we're always talking about how the Jews were
persecuted? Lots of people have been persecuted. My people have been persecuted, too.
Professor guy: Um...This is "Introduction to Jewish-American
Chick: ...Yeah, but still.

--Waverly Building, Waverly Place

I'm thinking of submitting something I overheard yesterday on the M15 bus going uptown on 1st Ave. around 34th St. What do you think:

Cast of characters:
Woman 1 (sitting in 'priority seating' aka elderly, disabled, pregnant). Mid 50's, very obviously mentally handicapped, slightly overweight.

Woman 2 (standing in front of woman 2) Late 60's, early 70's. Talking on cell phone. Way too much rouge and lipstick; slightly overweight.


Woman 1 : Excuse me, I need to get off the bus (head down, speaking quietly, but loud enough for those around to hear)

Woman 2: So get off the bus (goes back to cell phone conversation)

Woman 1: Excuse me, I need to get off the bus. Could you step that way?

Woman 2: You are so rude! Can't you see I'm talking? I moved already, get out of my way.

Woman 1: I'm sorry. I can't make it around you (now it's visible she's not very steady on her feet). Could you just move a little more?

Woman 2: (moving ever so slightly) I can't help it that your such a fat, ugly b**ch and you can't get your big, fat, ugly a** around me.

Woman 1: (as she finally gets to the door of the bus) And I can't help it that you're such a rude, mean, old woman.

Okay, so Woman 1 could have used a better comeback line, but I give her kudos for not apologizing to the woman for being an inconvenience! (Yes, I know the nice thing to do would have been to just get off the bus without saying anything at all, but COME ON! By the time she got off the bus, I wanted to say something--not that I could come up with anything--but I really wanted to yell at her, as did everyone else on the bus.)

So what have you overheard lately?


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