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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Into the Unknown

Today I want to introduce you (some of you anyway) to a very good friend of ours: Anadara. Many of you already know and love Anadara, but just as many of you may have never heard of her (but today you will) Either way, I want to tell you about her--well her music anyway!

Last Tuesday, Anadara released her debut album Into the Unknown (Spring Hill Worship) and I am going to unashamedly and unabashedly promote it! You can buy her music on iTunes or you can buy direct from her website.

I'm not going to give you a formal review of her album--I'm too biased anyway--she'd be getting 20 stars out of 5 if I did! (but if you want, you can find a great review here.) Nor am I going to go into "all about Anadara"--you can find that on her website. I just wanted to write today to tell you how proud Brian and I are of Anadara and how much we love her and her music--and hope you will too. She and her husband Rocky are very special friends of ours and are incredibly blessed by that friendship. It is our pleasure to share Anadara and her music with you and hope you love it as much as we do.

For the last 5 years, Brian and I have listened to Anadara's music. She is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter. We've heard both the good and the bad, the outstanding and "not the song you want on the album" (hey, every artist has them--we hear she has a new one called "Horizontal Spaces" about her love of filling counter space. . .) We've seen her grow both personally and musically over that time and this album proves it--you can hear her heart and soul in every song.

You can hear her single "Go" on her website (you'll also be able to learn more about Anadara, sign up for her mailing list to find out when she's in a town near you performing and order Into the Unknown)

Did I mention you can buy her album at and on iTunes? It's only $9.97. . . Hey, I told you I would be unasbashedly promoting her album!


Blogger jomar said...

Folksy guitar, heavy drums and Scott Dente-like licks, Anadara's a breath of fresh fresh air to modern worship. Play this album loud and feel her beside you, assisting in your personal prayer time. : )

Music Reviewer, Fish Magazine

P.S. Beautiful Website, by the way!

9/24/2006 7:25 AM  

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