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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not much happening


I wish I could report we're having a grand ole' time in sunny Sydney. But we're not. Well, we're having a grand ole' time in Sydney, just not sunny Sydney. It's been pouring down rain and freezing cold for 3 days straight now! What happened to that beautiful Sydney weather all the tour books talk about? "Only 12 days of rain per year. . ." Well then, by my calculation, there should only be 9 days of rain left until next November!

We are having a good time though. . .we just haven't done much outdoor sightseeing. I don't even have pictures because they would be full of raindrops. We did take a bus tour today and got a pretty good feel for the city and it's suburbs. I have to say, even in the rain, it's a pretty cool city.

We are here in Sydney until Wednesday. Here's our itinerary after that:

Nov. 8-11 The Indian-Pacific Train from Sydney to Perth
Nov. 11-17 Perth & surrounding areas
Nov. 17-23 Alice Springs & the Red Center. We'll be taking this tour.
Nov. 23-27 Darwin & Kakadu (up north)
Nov. 27-30 Melbourne
Nov. 30 Return to Sydney (and hopefully an apartment--we'll be doing some hunting in the next few days before we leave!)
Dec. 2 Pick up the cats from quarrantine (won't they be happy!)

Blogging will probably be intermittant thanks to limited access. It's interesting, you ask around for "wi-fi" and they have no idea what you're talking about. There are very few hotspots here in Australia.

I promise to take more pictures and actually post them next time (sorry Mom!) The only one I have so far is me standing in front of Target--but we haven't downloaded it yet!


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